Google Scholar Citations introduced very recently the institutional profiles for providing rankings of scientists who shared the same standardized name and email address of an institution. The total number of individual profiles is probably close to one million, while the number of universities profiles is over 5000, so it is possible to build a global ranking that although still incomplete can be representative at least for the best universities.

     This ranking is an experiment for testing the suitability of including GSC data in the Rankings Web, but it is still in beta as there are many shortcomings that should be solved in future editions. The current methodology is simple:

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          1. Only institutional profiles are chosen. If your university or your faculty members are not included, please promote they set up (voluntarily) their own Google Scholar Citations public profile with a normalized (official) name of the university in the affiliation and using the institutional email address.
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          2. Data from the top 10 public profiles of each university are collected. This number of profiles is for allowing size independent comparisons, but we will probably increase it significantly in the future.

          3. The head of the list is excluded for improving representativeness. For the rest of the top 10 (maximum 9 profiles) the number of citations are added and the institutions are ranked in descending order of this indicator. If there are several entries for the same author, only the best profile is used penalizing not cleaning duplicates from the list.

     4. The figures are valid only at the time of collection. We don`t comment on the numbers or absences as for this edition no changes will be done as it is only a test. For future editions we will try to implement addition/correction systems. Please, contact directly with Google Scholar for any aspect related with its database or profiles.
IMPORTANT INFO: To set up an personal profile in Google Scholar Citations database is voluntary, but once made it public the responsibility for info correctness belongs to the author. GSC automatically updates the profiles that is very practical but that sometimes adds non-pertinent records and citations to the profile. Authors should be aware of these issues and clean their profiles periodically. Also institutions should monitor their members profiles for intended (or unintended) fake, incorrect or duplicate records. This is key for the ranking as any institution with at least one of these problems can be excluded from future editions of the ranking.
1 Harvard University USA 1299019
2 University of Chicago USA 858075
3 Stanford University USA 856971
4 University of California Berkeley USA 790276
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 757406
6 University of Oxford UNITED KINGDOM 716322
7 University College London UNITED KINGDOM 714700
8 University of Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM 676667
9 Johns Hopkins University USA 659611
10 University of Michigan USA 640486
11 Michigan State University USA 639518
12 Yale University USA 630426
13 University of California San Diego USA 616416
14 University of California Los Angeles UCLA USA 602609
15 Columbia University New York USA 592347
16 Duke University USA 590529
17 University of Washington USA 566464
18 Princeton University USA 562373
19 Carnegie Mellon University USA 561052
20 Washington University Saint Louis USA 558963
21 University of Rochester USA 536708
22 University of Toronto CANADA 535909
23 Imperial College London UNITED KINGDOM 522296
24 Arizona State University USA 510222
25 Pennsylvania State University USA 499541
26 Cornell University USA 493838
27 New York University USA 470827
28 University of Minnesota USA 465958
29 Temple University USA 460264
30 University of British Columbia CANADA 458698
31 Ohio State University USA 452394
32 University of Illinois Urbana Champaign USA 450851
33 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill USA 447055
34 Boston University USA 439805
35 Georgia Institute of Technology USA 439620
36 University of Southern California USA 435041
37 University of California San Francisco USA 432362
38 University of California Irvine USA 431602
39 University of Maryland USA 425543
40 National University of Singapore SINGAPORE 419702
41 University of California Santa Barbara USA 402858
42 McMaster University CANADA 400677
43 Northwestern University USA 398406
44 King’s College London UNITED KINGDOM 393975
45 University of Southampton UNITED KINGDOM 391322
46 University of Texas Austin USA 391261
47 University of Wisconsin Madison USA 387222
48 University of Massachusetts Amherst USA 384361
49 University of Pittsburgh USA 381621
50 University of Pennsylvania USA 381547
51 Lund University / Lunds Universitet SWEDEN 378657
52 Vanderbilt University USA 377209
53 University of California Davis USA 376357
54 California Institute of Technology Caltech USA 370540
55 University of Florida USA 367929
56 Rice University USA 366110
57 Australian National University AUSTRALIA 364752
58 University of Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM 357821
59 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne SWITZERLAND 353766
60 University of Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM 353092
61 Northeastern University USA 345189
62 Rutgers The State University of New Jersey USA 336983
63 McGill University CANADA 336441
64 University of Manchester UNITED KINGDOM 336015
65 Bristol University UNITED KINGDOM 328089
66 Emory University USA 322036
67 Tufts University USA 315706
68 Texas A&M University USA 313657
69 VU University of Amsterdam / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam NETHERLANDS 311417
70 Indiana University Bloomington USA 309288
71 University of Notre Dame USA 302242
72 Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa CANADA 301908
73 Brown University USA 301212
74 M D Anderson Cancer Center University of Texas USA 299271
75 University of Vermont USA 298246
76 Sungkyunkwan University / 성균관대학교 SOUTH KOREA 296359
77 Iowa State University USA 296174
78 Catholic University of Leuven BELGIUM 295789
79 Korea University / 고려대학교 SOUTH KOREA 295681
80 University of Texas San Antonio USA 288043
81 Leiden University / Universiteit Leiden NETHERLANDS 285995
82 Seoul National University / 서울대학교 SOUTH KOREA 285585
83 University of Queensland AUSTRALIA 285434
84 Stony Brook University USA 282814
85 Zhejiang University (National Che Kiang University) / 浙江大学 CHINA 281891
86 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas USA 281463
87 University of Alberta CANADA 279343
88 Simon Fraser University CANADA 278767
89 Karolinska Institute / Karolinska Institutet SWEDEN 278622
90 Dartmouth College USA 278149
91 University of California Santa Cruz USA 276763
92 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology HONG KONG 276629
93 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich / Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich  SWITZERLAND 276084
94 University of Sydney AUSTRALIA 275963
95 University of Utah USA 275412
96 Tsinghua University China / 清华大学 CHINA 273153
97 Purdue University USA 272979
98 University of Helsinki / Helsingin yliopisto FINLAND 270672
99 Université de Montréal CANADA 269993
100 Kyoto University / 京都大学 JAPAN

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